Bicycle Personal Injuries: Common Causes in Massachusetts

Riding a bicycle is a fun and healthy way to exercise and get from one place to another. However, it can also be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken.

In Massachusetts, as in other cities around the world, bicycle accidents are inevitable. But, sometimes, they can be avoided by following the land transit safety regulations during the journey in this means of transport.

In this post, we will explain the most common causes of bicycle personal injuries in this state in order to provide important information to the reader or cyclist on how to protect themselves and prevent accidents in the event of one.

Therefore, if you need to know more about this topic to be aware, and be a more conscious driver, continue reading!

Recent Statistics on Bicycle Personal Injuries and Car Accidents in Massachusetts

According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, in 2020, bicyclist fatalities increased by 9.2% (highest since 1987) relative to 2019.

It was also determined that deaths in urban areas increased by 8.5% and that the vast majority are due to speeding (17%) or driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other substances (14%).

It should be noted that despite this, the number of reports in Massachusetts to the police decreased by around 22% compared to 2019.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Massachusetts

One of the main causes of bicycle accidents within this state is due to a lack of attention while driving or towards the road. They are also given due to another driver’s negligence when driving a car.

Many of them are not used to sharing the road with cyclists, so they are not always attentive to their presence. There may also be distractions, such as cell phone use while driving, which can increase the risk of an accident, either temporarily or permanently.

Another frequent cause of this type of accident is the lack of appropriate bicycle infrastructure in some areas.

If roads are not properly designed and marked to accommodate bicycle traffic, hazards can present themselves while traveling on the two-wheeler. Some of these hazards, which can increase the risk of fatal accidents, are:

-Absence of lanes for this means of transport.
-Poor or non-existent lighting in essential places on cycle routes.
-Potholes, cracks, and other obstacles.

It is vital that cyclists take the necessary steps to stay safe while on the road, which is why it is necessary to wear or wear the appropriate clothing. Also, use safety equipment that minimizes the risk of temporary or permanent injury.

How to reduce or avoid the risk of bicycle accidents in Massachusetts?

This usually includes wearing helmets and protective gear, as we’ve already mentioned. Follow the land traffic rules, and pay attention to driving until you reach your desired destination.

Also, remember that drinking alcohol while driving or consuming any substance before driving can increase the risk of accidents.

In summary, a vehicular bicycle accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, personal carelessness, or climatic causes (for example, rain). Therefore, before driving this means of transport, it is necessary to make sure that we are wearing the correct clothing and the necessary safety equipment in the event of a personal injury of this type.

Always remember that your health or that of your loved one comes first. Therefore, call medical attention before carrying out any legal procedure or contacting the local authorities.

Finally, if you need information about personal injuries, since you were the victim of a case of this nature and don’t know where to start, we invite you to contact us so we can provide you with options to help you recover the well-being you need.

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