Personal Injury

Personal Injury

When you or someone you know is injured due to another  person’s negligence, the injured party should contact his/her attorney as  soon as possible. We will guide you through this complicated process, gather  evidence, help you deal with insurance companies and represent you in court.

Our experience and resources can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries caused by someone else’s conduct or negligence. A sampling of the types of cases we have represented and won for our clients include:

Transportation Accidents
We handle personal injury cases involving any type of vehicle: truck, car, bus, motorcycle, train, boat, plane or mass transit. We represent drivers, pedestrians and even workers who have been hit due to a driver’s negligence, a faulty crossing sign, signal, piece of equipment or building structure.

Products Liability
Let us know if you have been injured from an unsafe or defective product, including: defective drugs or medical products, defective machinery or tools or motor vehicle defects.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks
If you are injured by someone else’s pet you deserve the proper representation.

Premises Liability
Let us know if you have been injured on someone else’s property, whether it’s a commercial, residential or public property. The most common case is a “slip and fall” on a commercial or public property because the owner did not keep the area safe.

Construction Accidents
We represent construction workers in all types of accident cases including those caused by faulty equipment, falling objects and electrical wiring.

Medical Malpractice
If you are the victim of surgical errors or have suffered serious complications due to birth injury, anesthesia, misdiagnosis or other medical or hospital malpractice, we can help you.