Personal Injury in Massachusetts: Recent Statistics

Accidents can happen anywhere or in any part of the world, and Massachusetts is no exception. In this sense, one of the leading causes of death in this state is mostly due to personal injuries, leading third place in the state among people ranging from the first year of age to 44 years. This takes into account figures from the state of Massachusetts.

In correlation to the above, remember that a personal injury can be considered bodily harm. It can be caused by fires, vehicular accidents, drowning, sharp or pointed objects, firearms, slips or falls, and toxic agents, among other situations or products that temporarily put our lives at risk or cause a permanent physical injury.

Therefore, if you want to know more about how we can avoid or reduce personal injuries in Massachusetts, we invite you to read this short article, where you will learn some of the most important statistics. Also, you will learn practical advice to minimize the risk of suffering an accident of this type, whether due to your own negligence or due to another person.

Current situation in Massachusetts regarding personal injuries

The latest statistics on deaths, obtained by the Department of Public Health and provided by the Massachusetts Government, date from 2015. Therefore, it must be clarified that there are no recent figures on the subject.

However, they describe approximately ten people affected per day due to personal injuries. Of these, 78% died accidentally (2859), 17% died due to accidental or unintentional suicide (616 people), and 4% due to homicide (153).

Now: If we talk about non-fatal personal injuries, 74% of people in Massachusetts have had to enter a hospital for later recovery, whatever the cause of the accident (temporarily or permanently). However, the majority of those affected were for reasons of slips and falls, whose people comprise 60 years of age or older.

On the other hand, accidental deaths caused by a deceased have been much higher in recent years than those caused by third parties. Especially if it was a vehicular accident, generally caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances.

How can we reduce these numbers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

The first thing we must understand about this situation is that statistics can give us an approach to what is currently happening in the state. In addition, several of the cities that are within it in terms of safety and related to personal injury.

However, it must be borne in mind that the data that exists on the subject is scarce. Therefore, accurately averaging current statistics is a complex task and requires the use of tools or mechanisms that work as a way to alert citizens and other institutions.

In this way, more effective measures can be taken to ensure the reduction of personal injuries in Massachusetts. They can be taken in public spaces or spaces that are more susceptible to this type of incident.

Also, take into account that public distractions, such as inattention behind the wheel, among other causes, may be the reason for this type of injury.

Therefore, the best way to prevent or avoid them is by becoming aware of what is happening around you as a citizen. Either by attending talks, reading recent information, or learning about first aid if necessary to deal with an emergency, in case it occurs and medical help does not appear immediately.

Keep in mind that poisoning by substances such as drug overdose is also a type of personal injury. Therefore, if you consume any that prevents you from carrying out a professional or daily activity in a regular way, it is best to wait for the effects to disappear to avoid a personal accident or cause it to others.

In short, we can find little information about the figures related to personal injuries in Massachusetts. However, we must understand that it is a problem that concerns all the citizens living there. Therefore, providing consistent solutions and continuing to read on the subject is fundamental to preventing them.

Finally, if you suffered an incident of this type, be it at home or in a public space, be sure to contact us so that we can provide you with solutions according to your case through one of our specialized lawyers in this area.

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