Personal Injury in Massachusetts: When Should I File a Lawsuit?

Most personal injury victims often act defensively during the incident to protect their companion(s) or loved ones (especially if there is a child).

Getting irritated easily, feeling fearful or dazed due to the shock of the event, is something natural after an incident like this; However, both the perpetrators and the victims can make hasty decisions such as running away, using offensive words without understanding the fact, or carrying out violent actions that only cause more tension in the situation.

Online portals specialized in medicine and health such as Medlineplus, mention that more than 400,000 people report personal injuries every year in the United States, Massachusetts being one of the States where these complaints are presented in a moderate way, especially due to car accidents, collisions with motorcycles or trucks, as well as slip and falls.

When should I file a personal injury lawsuit in Massachusetts?

If you or someone close to you considers that you were a victim of:

-A defective or damaged product

-A traffic accident as a driver of a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or simply as a pedestrian

-Medical malpractice

-Responsibility of premises

-A dog bite

-Exposure to chemicals or toxic agents

Or another type of accident that is considered a personal injury, and you have a way to prove what happened with witnesses and evidence, it is your right to present your case to the local authorities. Additionally, it is advisable to seek legal advice to improve your situation or that of your loved ones, whether they have suffered temporary or permanent, some type of physical or psychological damage.

What should I do if I need legal assistance?

First, remember to ask everything you need to solve all your doubts regarding the complaint. If possible, write them down or write them down before calling or contacting a lawyer.

If there is already a proposition to settle with the cause of the accident, avoid being convinced quickly and listen to what your potential lawyer has to say before signing a document or receiving any type of monetary compensation.

If you prefer to go to trial because the agreement that you are presented with is insufficient or does not meet your expectations, mention it to your legal representative and assess whether this possibility is viable or appropriate, taking into account the context and the manner in which the event occurred. .

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