Motorcycle Brain Injuries in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

Like anywhere in the world, brain injuries can occur for any reason or reason, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is no exception. However, motorcycle accidents account for a large portion of these types of injuries, with the majority occurring in Boston.

According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was discovered in recent years that more than three-quarters of all vehicular accidents involving a motorcycle and a car are caused by the latter. This is especially the case when they pass each other face to face on the road, which increases the risk of suffering potential damage to the skull or brain.

On the other hand, less than 10% of accidents occur from a rear impact towards the motorcycle; however, 40% of them were caused by a car turning left in front of a two-wheeler.

Frequent Motorcycle Personal Injury in Massachusetts?

Common temporary or permanent damages include:

-Wounds or injuries to internal organs such as the spinal cord
-Lacerations, bruises, or burns due to friction with the pavement
-Traumatic brain injuries

When is there brain damage due to a motorcycle accident?

If you travel at speed accepted by the authorities, or you travel with your motorcycle following the rules, and due to the fault of a car driver, for example, an accident occurs that causes brain trauma to you or your companion (if you have one). This is considered a personal injury that can affect the nervous system, the brain, and other areas of the body, as we have already mentioned above.

Remember that if you ride your motorcycle without a safety helmet, the chances of suffering an instant death or a much worse accident are higher. So it is recommended that you always use it without exception wherever you go.

General symptoms after a head injury and related to possible brain damage

If after a motorcycle accident, you, or the companion you were carrying with you, begin to suffer from any of the following symptoms,

-Unusual changes in behavior after the incident
-Loss of memory
-Loss of appetite
-Prolonged depression due to the event that happened

Among other symptoms that indicate brain damage or injury, call 911 immediately or a nearby medical center. Pay attention to the health assessment they give you or your loved one about your body.

On the other hand, if you are alone and must rest and then undergo medical tests, that corroborates that you have not suffered a permanent brain injury. Ask a family member or friend to assist you during the consultation.

Finally, if you need to contact a Massachusetts attorney because you want compensation for the accident, call or visit a legal specialist in the area. You can ask a family member or loved one to do it so that they can offer you options about the situation they are experiencing and can satisfactorily improve it.

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