Transportation Accidents in Massachusetts: Why Do They Happen?

A transport or vehicular accident, as we know, is one that occurs while driving on a roadway, highway or road, some type of motor or manual vehicle such as a bicycle, taking into account that they can also include pedestrians if they are crashed.

According to the Massachusetts Driver Manual, 40% of traffic accidents within the State currently occur among drivers under the age of 25.

When do accidents of this type occur?

Any place can be a time for such an accident to occur. However, if traffic laws are respected, and you are a responsible driver during the trip in your car, motorcycle, etc., this dramatically reduces the chances of suffering an incident like this.

Remember that education and mutual respect are part of finding a solution to these situations, especially if immediate medical attention is required.

Where Do Transportation Accidents Usually Happen in Massachusetts?

Every year and according to the Massachusetts Driving Manual, around 130,000 events of this type occur, especially in seasons like winter. Some of these are attributed to deer, where Middleborough, Westport, Taunton, and Swansea are part of the places affected. However, in other cities such as Boston, for example, these cases are filed mostly for driver negligence.

Reasons or causes

Let’s consider the state of drunkenness or under substances not allowed by the State, the lack of use of the seat belt, not respecting traffic signs, distracting yourself by talking on the mobile phone, and even some climatic causes. These may be some of the common reasons why these kinds of misfortunes happen in Massachusetts and other states across the country.

What to do after a transportation accident?

Before starting any discussion that puts your life, that of a loved one, or others affected by the situation that occurred or is occurring at risk, seek medical attention immediately by calling 911. It is essential to know what physical state you are in to understand what happened, whether you suffered a temporary or permanent personal injury or lost your memory for minutes, hours, days, or in the worst case, years.

If you have a complaint in this legal area, we can offer you suitable options for you to know before continuing to take legal action on the matter. Contact us if you want personalized attention and are interested in getting satisfactory results and assistance during recovery from the incident.

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